If you are like a man in your thirties like me, you would have started to feel the lack of drive in your partner because of her hormonal changes.

Let’s accept it, men also start to experience a decline in the testosterone levels leading them to low sperm count, lower drive for sex and inability to stay longer in the bed.

It has also been found that almost 70% of men suffer from early fall which is a very shocking truth.

Early fall means losing your climax earlier than your partner, leading her to dissatisfaction and low self esteem to you.

That’s why our elderly say that youth once lost never comes back. From your teens till late twenties is like a golden phase when your libido is fully functional and repeated masturbation or sex does not affect the count of sperm creation.

As you age and you suffer from various ailments, there are many ways to address how you may satisfy your partner fully. Let me tell you a few that worked for me in fixing my own challenges:

  1. Regular exercising
  2. Protein rich diet
  3. Foreplay
  4. Room’s setup- lighting, music and fragrance.
  5. Choosing the right condom.
  6. Lingerie.
  7. Using delay spray.

1. Regular exercising: Maybe you’ve heard before that you should exercise despite your busy schedule.

exercise regularly for better sexOur day to day stressful life always keeps us restless leading to many physical ailments.

The research shows that a 20 minutes daily physical activity can significantly boost your sex drive by 50%.

Physical fitness not only levels up your happiness quotient but also zooms your self confidence.

Most importantly, exercising releases dopamine in your body that keeps you happy and ready to conquer the challenges through the day.
Tip: If you may manage, try doing cardio activities like running, brisk walking or gymming. A 20 minutes daily exercising leads you to improved libido (sexual desire). If possible, convince your partner to also adopt an active lifestyle that involves some daily cardiovascular activity. It is a top goal that brings the couples together.

2. Protein Rich diet: Protein plays a crucial role in the overall functioning of our bodies. Dietary protein is important for tissue regeneration, energy for day to day work, muscle recovery, hair growth, sexual drive and hundreds of other bodily functions.

protein rich diet for sex staminaThis is why you should include protein in all your meals throughout the day. If you multiply your body weight with 0.2 that’s the amount of protein you should consume every day. This means if you weigh 80 kilograms then you should consume upto 160 grams per day. Given we are too busy in our day to day lives, even if you include 60-70% of this in your routine, you may get good results.

Amongst many rich sources of protein, the most popular are cottage cheese (paneer), eggs, fish, oats, peanut butter, soya chunks, chicken etc. You should in your diet include Indian breads, rice and green vegetables for getting the required nutrients.

A good diet will always support your sexual drives well.

3. Foreplay: Usually married couples make a massive mistake that they start taking sex as a task due to time constraints and they just do it for the heck of it whenever their time allows. This makes either your partner get bored with time or lose her interest.

use vibrators for foreplayTreating sex as a formality creates boundaries between the couples. Many women report that they fake their orgasms. The reality is that if you are just focused on your own entertainment without bothering about your partner then it’s impossible to not see problems in your sex life.

Foreplay is the most important part of the sexual activity that makes your partner experience the libido helping her reach the climax easily.

Foreplay is done with many methods like touching breasts and the vagina, kissing the lips and the whole body, licking the nipples and the G-spot. Every human has some or the other pressure points. You just need to experiment a bit in knowing those points of your partner that make her excited.

Licking the vagina is the most effective way which I used to watch in blue films but was always reluctant to do it.

If you have never tried then you must do it but take care of the hygiene.  Ask your partner to clean the skin around vagina. There are many products available in the market like vWash which ensure that you save yourself from stink and bacteria that leads you to indulge in safe sex.

Tip: Apart from this you may use vibrators as well to excite her. I have always found them extremely effective for driving her to orgasm. Check this vibrator that I found really good and affordable. Nothing beats vibrators when it comes to making your partner ready to do the action.

4. Room’s setup- lighting, music and fragrance: If you want to make your sexual intercourse a memorable experience every time, you have to learn how to setup the mood of your partner. The mattress, lighting, music and fragrance play a big role here.

A nice soft fabric mattress can surely enhance your experience whereas a hard fabric one can spoil it all. However too soft or memory foam mattress can ruin your plans as you find yourself fighting with it. So choose your bedding wisely so it enhances your intimacy.

Also, lighting plays an important role to light up the mood of your partner. Too bright light can make both of you a bit conscious as we all are a bit shy for some reason or the other. Similarly too dark a room can also destroy your moments as you struggle to explore each other fully. While some people may like red, my all time favourite has been warm yellowish room lighting that isn’t too bright.

For room fragrance I make sure to have a floral spray which lights up the mood. For personal fragrance, I use a nice perfume that pulls my partner towards me. I love what Wild Stone perfume has to offer- check it out.

5. Choosing the right condom: This is probably the most important decision that you need to make for pleasing your partner. While the market is crowded with so many options, my years of experience of trying hundreds of different condoms and flavours has led me to two quick conclusions:
a) Not all condoms are created equal.
b) The flavours are useless.

I had always hated using condoms and enjoyed the direct penetration until I realised that I was not able to hold up as much as in my twenties and I was exposing my partner to the risk of STD (sexually transmitted diseases).

After years of using the wrong condoms and hating them for the obvious reasons, I finally got the right ones which not only enhanced my and my partner’s experience but also helped me last much longer in our intimate moments.

Ever since I started using the Mutual Climax condoms of Durex, I never wanted to have sex without it.

It has extra dots for making her hit the orgasm and performa lubricant (you may literally see) which spreads over the top of your penis to bring a bit of numbness (in milliseconds) and helps you stay much longer. You must try it.

6. Lingerie: Who can ignore the importance of lingerie for creating an unforgettable experience. They are inexpensive and help you indulge in sex faster than you can imagine.

One of the most romantic things that men can do is to gift lingerie to their girlfriend or wife. I have ordered so many in the past for my wife from Amazon- check this lingerie by Unitrust and more.

Sex is all about creating an experience that both of you enjoy equally. You can not choose it to be boring so do everything it takes to make it interesting.

Lingerie can surely help you erect faster and stay erected for a longer time, leading you to lasting longer during intercourse.

7. Using delay spray: Last but not the least, if nothing else works out, try delay spray. Delay sprays is a new category recently catching traction for the obvious reason of delaying your splash and lasting longer.

A topical delay spray like Bold Care contains a FDA approved ingredient called Lidocaine that makes your penis skin get numb, helping you contain your ejaculation for extra time. How much extra? Well, my personal experience says at least 5 to 15 minutes extra.

Just remember that you have to do just 2 sprays on the tip of your penis and leave it for 15 minutes (no need to have erection in that state)- in fact use that time for foreplay. Once 15 minutes are over, you can rub the spray and get started with the action.

Let me know in the comments if it works well for you or ask your questions if any.


Sex helps your brain release dopamine, giving you the happy feelings for days, takes down your stress levels, keeps your hormones balanced and keeps your reproduction engine active.

It can not be treated as a formality rather be taken as a serious aspect of any relationship and for a healthy physical and psychological well being.

If early ejaculation has been breaking your confidence, there are many things you can do on your own to fix it. You just need a positive outlook and willingness to do hit and trial.