When it comes to growing facial or scalp hair, derma roller comes out to be a cult tool which is extremely simple to use.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that derma rolling is the most effective way to grow a fuller beard if you haven’t been able to grow a satisfactory beard yet.

It helps puncture the skin pores and helps you grow new hair follicles which further grow to become thick hair.

Read on to know from my own experience of derma rolling my beard for the last 2 years, transforming from an extremely patchy to a flawless beard that I flaunt with different styles.

derma rolling results

First of all, there are many products available on all the marketplaces out there but I recommend the Man company’s derma roller for a great product quality and an effective grip.

It comes with over 540 extremely small needles for activating your beard and scalp hair growth. The mat finish also ensures that it does not slip out of your wet hands which is a great relief over all other derma rollers that I have used in the past.

Speaking of how to use it, the process is pretty simple as follows:

how to clean a derma roller

Step 1

Clean the derma roller every time before use

To keep your skin free from infections, wash your derma roller with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol spray. You can also use a sanitiser as it solves the purpose.

You should spray the sanitiser over all the needles and then wash it clean with plain water to avoid any itching on your skin due to sanitiser.

face wash manStep 2

Wash the area where you want to derma roll

For the most effective results, you should get rid of oil and dirt from your skin. To do that, you should wash the face or scalp with soap or face wash where you want to do derma rolling.

After washing your skin, just dry it off with a clean towel to ensure the derma roller does its job properly.

how to use derma rollerStep 3

Roll it gently over the skin in multiple directions

As you hold the derma roller in your hand and start to roll the roller, you should do it over the selected portion of your skin in multiple directions. The directions can be upward, downward, left to right, right to left and diagonally up down.

This way you activate the skin pores the most and get the most effective results. Ideally on any portion of the skin, you should roll it for not more than 20 seconds.

Disclaimer: As the facial and scalp skin is very thin and sensitive, you should avoid pressing the needles too hard as it may lead you to temporarily damaging the skin. If you see any blood spots or redness, you should stop immediately and apply a cold pack or antiseptic cream.

Step 4

Gently wash your skin and dry it

After you are done, just wash your skin again with cold water and dry it with a clean cloth or towel. This helps you remove the dead skin scraped by the derma roller.

Every time you are done using your derma roller, just wash it with clean water and sanitiser before keeping it back safely into its cover.

Important tips to get the most out of derma rolling:

  • Change your derma roller every 6 months as its needles get rusty, twisted and ineffective.
  • Make sure to wash it with a sanitiser or isopropyl alcohol spray before and after every use.
  • Stay consistent with your derma rolling. Like for every other good thing in life, remember that a great beard and hair growth takes time and you have to earn it with consistency.
  • Do not use derma roller every day. An ideal frequency to use is twice a week or at least once a week. Give your skin time to heal after you tear it apart with those needles.
  • Moisturise your skin frequently with a skin repair cream.

That’s it folks. Please share in the comments below if you find this article helpful. Please also share your experiences with derma rolling.

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